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Overhaulin and Orange County ChoppersHeaders from FPA


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                 Vintage Mustang  Rack and Pinion Conversion

                                  65-70 Mustangs and Cougers


 -Our system Can be used with or without your old existing pump. All lines are included in our kit to connect to your original pump. 

-If you need a pump we suggest our brand new aluminum pump with all the brackets and hoses to connect to your Ford engine

-Use your original Ford Steering Column and Steering wheel. All parts needed to use your original Column are included in our kit. No need for an aftermarket Column or Steering Wheel. Keep that original look. 

 -One piece cross member. Our design not only strengthens the front end it firmly manages the side to side motion of the Rack and Pinion system. 

-R&P system is well protected from possible damage by the one piece cross member design.

-Placement of the Rack and Pinion steering system to provide maxamum clearance for both Long and Short tube Headers.


                  Systems starting at 1695.00




Img62.png                                           bottom front to back.png

67 Mustang with 351-W, long tube headers and large oil pan.




                                   Systems starting at 1695.00

    New Power Steering pumps at 300.00



     65 67 late 67 columns1.pngWe supply all the parts needed to modify and use and your Original Mustang Steering Column. 



  ps312.png  Brand new pumps with adapter plates to mount  to Mustang engine


Power steering  pump installed on a 66 Mustang

 rack big block pump crop 023.png

Big Block with new power steering pump installed

Power Steering Pump with Aluminum pulley,adapter brackets and fluid lines. Pump is brand new not a rebuilt unit.

                     manufactures an after market Power Rack and Pinion Steering System for your 65-70 small block Mustang and Big Blocks with stock exhaust manifolds . It is mounted to a strong 1/4 inch steel Cross Member that provides a secure mounting point for the R&P and helps to increase the strength of the front end. Lock to lock turning of 3. This is a bolt in conversion needing small amount of work to your existing steering shaft and steering column. Amount of work varies slightly depending on your style of steering column. 

 See Terms of use.

-powder painted cross member

-Rack and Pinion unit

-Intermediate Shaft

-Steering column adapter

-Power Steering lines

-Center Link

-All bolts to complete project

  tie rod connector 1.png Tie rod adapters to connect your old outer tie rod to new inner style tie rod. Because of possible modifications over the years to your car, it helps to simplify the connection to spindle. No drilling or modifying the hole on the spindle.

 Installation of the Rack and Pinion system is a straight bolt in. The Rack and Pinion come secured to the cross member when you receive the system. After you have removed the old Components the new cross member with the rack and pinion is bolted into place. It is held to the frame at 7 points using grade 8 bolts.

  If you would like more information or have any questions about a RandallsRack please send us an e-mail. Our goal is to provide Mustang Owners with the best possible system for their money.

For questions.... E-Mail

All fluid lines are supplied to connect to either your old pump or our new one.



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